Peace in the Storm is the comforting hug that every child needs when they lose their mother. Beautifully conveyed through words and illustrations, this book is the good friend that can help children withstand the storm that is bereavement. By helping children to recognise their emotions, explore questions about loss, and start to preserve their memories, Melanie Sparks has created a much needed guide that helps children achieve exactly what the title says – find peace in the storm. I recommend this little gem of insight not only for children, but also for parents and professionals involved in helping a child come to terms with the loss of their mother.

Dr Nicola J Davies, BSc (Hons); MSc Comm.; PhD; MBPsS
Health Psychology Consultant and Writer


This is a story about a mother’s death and the impact on her 11 year old daughter. It is written with compassion and insight, clearly laying out steps to resolve some of the shock and trauma surrounding the event. The practical tools can be done by the child or with someone close to them. It opens up shocked feelings, presenting a focus and allowing the child time to adjust in their own way towards acceptance. The options are set out clearly and I am sure will be of value to families generally, as a catalyst to open up conversation about their own experiences and feelings around death. This is an important book ‘about giving love’ that addresses an important subject.

Judi Shearer, Psychotherapist, International Author, Speaker, Lecturer, Health and Lifestyle Coach.


Peace in the Storm fills a need in the market for books that help children deal with some of the more serious of life’s challenges. The book boldly tackles the subject of parental death in a way that is comforting and empowering. Young readers gain a deeper understanding of the nature of death and are given a positive view of this process of transformation.

Peace in the Storm offers a broader perspective on the nature of the universe beyond the material realm. Readers will find this enlightened perspective a source of peace and gives a degree of purpose and meaning to life on this planet. The book is also careful not to adopt a specific religious perspective, which will help to make it accessible to a wide audience.

Eddie Retelj, Manuscript Assessor

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